At Handy Ken you will find very little that I can't do. I have been mechanically inclined ever since I can remember. I have always been asked to do the home and auto repairs as a youth and this has just become who I am today. I have always been the local handy man for the neighborhood. I love helping people and fixing things.  I have owned my own drywall company for 8 years in my youth and supervised and consulted for other companies as well. I worked as production coordinator for companies and know how to be the most productive in a broad range of fields.


As we all know no one can be an expert at everything. We all have heard the saying, "jack of all trades but master of none". There are things that I am a master of though and some things that I am not. All I can say is that I know how to be productive and can do most anything. I am honest with you and myself. I have resources that I can fall back on to get the jobs done that I am not productive at or have trouble doing alone. I try not to involve other workers but sometimes I have to so as to get the job done as fast and as good as possible. I am there to oversee other workers I hire to make sure that their work is done to my high standards. I am here to make you satisfied at a reasonable cost to you. I do have a conscious and have to live with it. I certainly don't want to make it hard to do that.

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